CUTRA Co., Ltd. guarantees its products for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If any defect due to faulty materials and
workmanship occur within this one-year guarantee period, CUTRA Co., Ltd. will repair or replace the product at its expense. But if any defect due
to customers expense may incur. Also if the date of purchase is over a year, expense will incur depending on symptoms.

1. When the power button won’t turn on

  • It takes 2 seconds to find the right frequency for the blade, so press the power button for more than 2 seconds.

2. Wear of set screw caused Titanium damage

  • If titanium is damaged, please contact us immediately.

3. How to reset?   youtube icon

  • After tighten the set screw, press the button on the handle and the power button on the main body simultaneously for 1 to 2 seconds.
    The cutter assembly is automatically defected and the sensor beeps with LED light on for a second and the device turns off.
    After a second beep, the device will turn on again. The 4 LED lights on after the first beep indicates the device was properly reset.
    If the 4 LED lights are not on, re-tighten the set screw and reset. (Need to reset whenever blade is replaced)

4. After reset, still doesn’t work

  • If the device is still not operational after resetting, turn the main power off and remove the collet and the blade. Then clean the inside of transducer horn with q tips.
    If the collet or the blade is contaminated or shows wear of damage, remove the contaminants or replace them with a new collet or a new blade.
    Re-tighten the set screw using a wrench.

5. How do I pull out the set screw?

  • Use 1.5mm hexagon wrench or Torque wrench with 1.5mm tip to pull out the set screw on the blade fixture (collet).

6. It makes a ‘beep’ sound, and it doesn’t work

  • If the device is used without tightening the set screw, the device will beep and will not operate properly.
    In this case, use wrench to tighten the set screw or replace the blade and reset the product.