WONDERCUTTER is an ultrasonic cutter.
We cut paper with scissors. We make a hole in the wall with a drill. We cut wood with a saw. Then how do we cut plastic that is used so often? For WONDERCUTTER, cutting plastic is as easy as cutting cheese.
WONDERCUTTER is a machine that easily cuts materials by lowering the coefficient of friction with 40,000 vibrations per second. We can’t really see, or feel the vibration but it cuts materials with rapid oscillation. Like the waterdrops cut through a rock.




Vibrations of 40,000times/sec. Maximize efficiency & Minimize heating. The system is safe from the amplitude control, over-power, over-voltage and over-current


“One million twenty one, one million twenty two, one million twenty three…..” Are you ever going to cut?


Be proud of yourself for all the progress you have made that no one else could have done.




It is hard to work with regular knives when you need to make delicate cuts. With WONDERCUTTER, anyone can become an expert at making plastic model, accessary, and DIY products.




It is easier and safer to use if you put it on your desk or carry it on your waist when you use it.

Imagine your son or daughter playing with the toys you made for him or her.

Reduce accidents by using vibration energy.

Even senior citizens and handicapped people with not as strong handgrip also can use the product easily.





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