how to clean blade fixture

2018-10-19 09:39
1. Please check if there's no problem turning the main power on.
2. When the main power is on, please check if the LED on the handle is on when you press the button.
(Please let us know if the LED is dim.)

3. Turn the main power off.

4. Take off the blade and the blade fixture. Then clean the inside of transducer horn with q tips.
(Put some alcohol on q tips if you have some.)
5. Tighten the setscrew using a hexagon wrench.

6. Once the setscrew is fixed, press the power button on the handle and press the main power button.
Hold both buttons for 5 seconds. (The LED on main unit will turned on and then turned off)
7. When it turns off, tighten the setscrew until there are 4 LED lights on.